Our Rates

Party Picassos has a 2 HOUR LIMIT. Located in Chicago, near Midway  Airport,
we are ready and willing to travel. A $50 booking fee is required. The remainder is due when
the artists arrives at the event. Call or email us for a quote!

Our Speed

We average 12-15 people per hour depending on the amount of detail.

If there is a large crowd, we can simplify our designs to speed up the line.

Our Face Paints and Supplies

We use professional face painting supplies: Tag, Diamond FX, Paradise, Kryolan,
Wolfe and Snazaroo. Most of these are easily removed with soap and water.
The temporary tattoos require make up remover or baby oil to clean off all of the color.

Allergies and Insurance

We believe in the safety of all our clients. Because of this, we are an insured business
and use professional,  FDA approved face products. There are rare occasions when an individual may  have an allergic reaction.​  If you or one of your guests has a history of skin care product allergies, let us know. We will test it on their hands first.

Party Picassos FYI

Party Picassos face paints
Chicago and all the suburbs!